Papers approved at the 56th FITCE Congress

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1. "Theoretical approach for a multi-operator synergistic utility planning and its real-life implications"

Authors: Jonathan Spruytte, Marlies Van der Wee, Sofie Verbrugge and Didier Colle    Download paper

2. "Building Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Value-Propositions for the Post-Information Age"

Authors: Edward Smith and Mauro Ugolini    Download paper

3. "Control Systems and the Internet of Things – Shrinking the Factory"

Authors: Edward Smith and Luke Fuller    Download paper

4. "Analysis of the Technologies enabling the broadcast convergence"

Authors: Raquel Perez Leal, Julio Navío Marco and Fernando Diego Hernández Martínez    Download paper

5. "Testbed Laboratory for the Physical Analysis of Gigabit Passive Optical Access Networks (GPONs)"

Authors: Noemí Merayo, Juan Carlos Aguado, Carlos Marcos Miguel, Ramón J. Durán Barroso, Ignacio de Miguel, Patricia Fernández, Rubén Mateo Lorenzo and Evaristo José Abril    Download paper

6. "An Agile Container-based Approach to TaaS"

Authors: Pedro Verdugo, Joaquín Salvachúa Rodríguez and Gabriel Huecas    Download paper

7. "Empowering the Digital Workplace"

Author: Berit Dr. Schubert    Download paper

8. "A new method based on computer vision for non-intrusive orange peel sorting"

Authors: Sajad Sabzi, Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh and Juan Arribas    Download paper

9. "Non-intrusive image processing Thompson orange grading methods"

Authors: Sajad Sabzi, Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh and Juan Arribas    Download paper

10. "Enabling Automatic Event Detection for the Pipe Workshop of the Shipyard 4.0"

Authors: Paula Fraga Lamas, Tiago M. Fernández Caramés, Diego Noceda Davila, Manuel A. Díaz Bouza, Miguel Vilar Montesinos, José D. Pena Agras and Luis Castedo    Download paper

11. "Service oriented cloud CPE as a means of a future terminal"

Authors: Christos Tsirakis, Panagiotis Matzoros and George Agapiou    Download paper

12. "Can learning methodologies contribute to develop digital competences in telecommunication engineer education?"

Authors: Jose Luis Martin, Zoraida Frias and Jorge Pérez    Download paper

13. "Single- and Multiple-RF Load Controlled Parasitic Antenna Arrays Operating at Cm-Wave Frequencies: Design and Applications for 5G Wireless Access / Backhaul"

Authors: Konstantinos Ntougias, Dimitrios Ntaikos and Constantinos Papadias    Download paper