September 13, 2017: DAY BEFORE

From 10 h to 17 h: FITCE CD meeting

At the headquarters of the IIE, meeting room.

September 14, 2017: DAY 1. GENERAL

9:15 h: OPENING

José María Lassalle, Secretary of State for Information Society and Digital Agenda
Andy Valdar, President of FITCE
Eugenio Fontán, Dean-President President COIT & President of AEIT
Miguel Merino, Session moderator

10:00 h: INAUGURAL CONFERENCE: Current and future challenges of the European Space program: an opportunity for electrical and communication engineers

– Javier Ventura-Traveset (ESAC Director’s Office and Head of ESA’s Galileo Science Office)

10:30 h: CONFERENCE: Internet of things and the value of engineers in the digitalization of the companies and society

– Enrique Blanco, Global CTO (Director of Systems and Network) at Telefónica

11:30 h: CONFERENCE: 5G, a tool to change the way we live and work

– Elizabeth Cassin, VP Group Spectrum Office at ORANGE

12:00 h: SESSION 1: Proposals for the industry 4.0

Chair: Guntram Kraus, FITCE-GE

Edward Smith, BT, UK: Control Systems and the Internet of Things – Shrinking the Factory
Luis Castedo, UDC, SP: Enabling Automatic Event Detection for the Pipe Workshop of the Shipyard 4.0
Oscar Pallarols, CELLNEX Innovation & Strategy Director

13:00 h: SESSION 2: New networks of communication for digital transformation

Chair: José Van Ooteghem, FITCE-BE

Fernando Hernández, UC3M, SP: Analysis of the Technologies enabling the broadcast convergence
Noemi Merayo, UVa, SP: Testbed Laboratory for the Physical Analysis of Gigabit Passive Optical Access Networks (GPONs)
Constantinos Papadias, AIT, GR: Single- and Multiple-RF Load Controlled Parasitic Antenna Arrays Operating at Cm-Wave Frequencies: Design and Applications for 5G Wireless Access / Backhaul
Raf Meersman, COMSOF, BE: How increased availability of GIS data and PC calculation power allows to save millions of Euro’s in an FTTx network rollout

14:00 h: PAUSE LUNCH
15:30 h: ROUND TABLE 1: La profesión del ingeniero ICT en Europa / The profession of engineer ICT in Europe

Chair: Edward Smith, FITCE-UK

Andy Valdar, Presid. FITCE
Maurizio Mayer, FITCE-IT
Raf Meersman, FITCE-BE
Andrzej Dulka, FITCE-PL
María Nuño, FITCE-SP

16:30 h: SESSION 3: Technologies and systems for the digital transformation of the society

Chair: Maurizio Mayer, FITCE-IT

Edward Smith, BT; UK: Building Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Value-Propositions for the Post-Information Age
José Luis Martín, UPM, SP: Can learning methodologies contribute to develop digital competences in telecommunication engineer education?
Joaquín Salvachúa, UPM, SP: An Agile Container-based Approach to TaaS
George Agapiou, OTE, GR: Service oriented cloud CPE as a means of a future terminal
Berit Schubert, Unify, GE: Empowering the Digital Workplace

18:15 h: SESSION 4: SMART Technologies (Cities, Ports, …)

Chair: George Agapiou, FITCE-GR

Jonathan Spruytte, Univesity of Gent,BE: Theoretical approach for a multi-operator synergistic utility planning and its real-life implications
Juan Arribas, UVa, SP: A new method based on computer vision for non-intrusive orange peel sorting
Felix Herrera, COIT, SP: Smart Cities / Smart Regions

19:00 h: END FIRST DAY

September 15, 2017: DAY 2. GENERAL

9:30 h: CONFERENCE: Network Virtualization: Transformation of the Data Center, Carrier Network and Branch Office Communications

Ignacio Loizaga, Chief Marketing & Technology (TELDAT)

10:00 h: CONFERENCE: The 5G Business Potential

Ivan Rejón, Head of Strategy, Gov’t & Industry Relations, Marketing & Communications (Ericsson)

10:30 h: CONFERENCE: The role of IEEE as a professional organization

Antonio Luque, President IEEE Spain Section

11:15 h: SESSION 5: Ciberseguridad / Cybersecurity

Chair: Evaristo J. Abril

Ignacio González Ubierna, Subdirector de Tecnologías de Ciberseguridad de INCIBE
Pablo López, 2º Jefe del Departamento de Ciberseguridad del Centro Criptológico Nacional
Oscar Pastor Acosta, Gerente de Seguridad de ISDEFE
Luis de Marcos, Profesor Titular Universidad Álcala de Henares

Sesión en español con traducción simultánea al inglés / Session in Spanish with simultaneous English translation

12:15 h: ROUND TABLE 2: Los Ingenieros en las empresas del siglo XXI / Engineers in the companies of the 21st century

Chair: Amalia Fontán

Cristina Álvarez, Directora de Desarrollo de Servicios y CIO de Telefónica
Luis Álvarez Satorre
Julio Juan Prieto, Accenture, Managing Director Communications, Media & Technology

Sesión en español con traducción simultánea al inglés / Session in Spanish with simultaneous English translation

13:15 h: ROUND TABLE 3: El papel presente y futuro de los Colegios Profesionales en España / The present and future role of engineers profesional associations

Chair: Eugenio Fontán

Josep Maria de Dios, Profesor de Derecho Internacional, UAB
Luis Vilches, President de UPCI (Unión Profesional de Colegios de Ingenieros)
Jordi Ludevid i Anglada, Presidente de UP (Unión Profesional)

Sesión en español con traducción simultánea al inglés / Session in Spanish with simultaneous English translation

14:15 h: PAUSE LUNCH
15:30 h: ROUND TABLE 4: La formación y titulaciones del ingeniero TIC en España / The training and qualifications of the ICT engineer in Spain

Chair: Félix Pérez

Patricia Fernández, Directora de la ETS de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación. Universidad de Valladolid
Ferrán Marqués, Director de la ETS de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación de Barcelona. Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Ínigo Cuiñas, Director de la Escuela de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación. Universidad de Vigo
Alberto González, Director de la ETS de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
José Antonio Portilla, Director de la Escuela Politécnica Superior de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares

Sesión en español con traducción simultánea al inglés / Session in Spanish with simultaneous English translation

16:30 h: Guided visit to the Museo del Prado
21:00 h: GALA DINNER


September 16, 2017: DAY POST

From 10 h to 12 h. Conclusions of the 56th Congress and General Assembly

At the headquarters of the IIE, Auditorium.